Project location: North Europe

Project time: 2007-2018

Customer product: PE/PP SPC master batch, white master batch, filler master batch

XINDA Machine: Co-kneader (15 sets), Twin screw extruder (5 sets)


co kneader

Project Introduction

1. 2007: The customer got in touch with Xinda for the first time in exhibition. They purchased  a SJW-45 Co-Kneader and a PSHJ-35 clamshell barrel twin screw extruder for their lab use.

2. 2008: The customer understood the advantage of co-kneader in the dispersion and temperature control based on SJW-45 Co-Kneader performance in their lab. At the same year, the customer purchased Co Kneader SJW-70, SJW-100 and SJW-140.

3. 2009: The customer purchased 8 sets SJW-100 Co Kneader to replace their old twin screw extruder from Japan and Europe.

4. 2010-2018: The customer purchased more Co Kneader SJW-100 and SJW-140 for their industrial production for different formula. Meanwhile, they purchased some clamshell barrel twin screw extruder for special application.

co kneader

Customer Feedback:

1. Due to special working principle of Co kneader, a better dispersion of pigments was realized compared with twin screw extruder.

2. Due to good dispersion, less pigments and additives were required in the formula, which reduced down the cost.

3. Due to more precise temperature control and mild shearing, heat-sensitive compounds are more suitable in Co Kneader.

4. Due to the clamshell barrel design, a fast and through cleaning were realized, which saved a lot of time.

5. Due to the good price of Xinda machine ( the equivalent from Europe will cost 2-3 times more ), the customer can afford one line for one formula.

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