XINDA@ Russia & India International Exhibition

As members of the BRIC countries, Russia and India have developed plastic industry markets, and they have always been one of the international market for Xinda. In recent years, Xinda has supplied more than 100 complete sets of compounding system in the above regions, and has won the trust of customers through quality and service. Besides, the repurchase rate has also remained at a relatively high level. In order to further expand the market, Xinda regularly participats in the Russian RUPLASTICA and India PLASTINDIA exhibitions to meet more customers with the introduction of Xinda's compounding system and industry experience. Welcome to Xinda's booth in RUPLASTICA in Moscow, Russia and PLASTINDIA, New Delhi, India.

Xinda is committed to providing compounding equipment and solutions to global users. The main products of Xinda Company are: the reciprocating mixing extruder, clam shell co-rotating parallel twin screw extruder. Xinda’s equipment is widely used in the following fields: engineering plastics, color masterbatches, black masterbatches, high-fill masterbatches, PVC compounding, cable compounding, rubber compounding, food industry, powder coatings, thermosetting plastics, etc.


Post time: Feb-17-2023

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