Xinda Co-Kneader SKW-140 (High Output HFFR) Delivered

Xinda recently shipped the SKW-140 four-flight reciprocating machine production line (Co-Kneader), which was successfully exported to South American country. The line is used to produce halogen-free flame-retardant cable materials (HFFR) with output of 2000-2400 kg/h. This set of equipment adopts a fully automatic material conveying system and a precise loss-in-weight feeding system, and the entire line is automatically controlled. Only two operators are required. The customer has XINDA SKW-125 (HFFR), PSHJ-95 (XLPE), SJW-45 (Lab-use), PSHJ-20 (Lab-use) and Blender (XLPE). Customers are very satisfied with Xinda's equipment, technical support and after-sales service. Let`s looking forward to sharing photos and videos of the customer's production line after installation.

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Post time: Mar-28-2022

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